number of iterations of the "begging you to take me back" letter i've written so far: 3.
number of ones i've actually sent: 0.
number of my friends who think i need to move on and we should never ever ever get back together: 3
number of my friends who've told me "boys just don't get it" and i should try again: 2
number of epiphanies i've had in the past few days: 1.
number of hot yoga classes bought in an attempt to fill my days with productive activities: 1.
number of tissues drowned in pool of tears: many
number of times i've said "how could you do this to me?!": 10.
number of times i've said: "May, you're strong and you're going to be ok!": 11.
number of outlines i've written for a post break up conversation: 1.
number of empowering songs on my "lucy liu water boiled fish is a warrior' playlist: 22.
number of unexplained social game notifications you have sent me: 2.
number of times i've wanted to call you: 5.
number of self improvement initiatives i've put down in my notes to make myself a better person: 13
number of people i want to focus on right now: 1, me.
number of weeks i'm going to give myself and you before the possibility of giving it another shot: 2.
number of shots i'm going to give it: 1.
number of times i will let myself be rejected: less than 2.
number of days i still have ahead of me, which will be amazing no matter what: infinite.

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