wow. what a horrible week. what a horrible MONTH. it seems like everything is going wrong. i don't think anything good has happened this month. at all. except maybe getting accepted into london. that would be about it.

funny story about my dismal day at the office ( only one of a series of unfortunate events that my immediate life is now comprised of):

to take a break from doing nothing as usual at my desk (i.e waiting for one of the assistants to come to me and find me some super exciting photocopying or messenger work to do, hallelujah) i go to the bathroom. when i come out and look in the mirror, i discover that, alas, there are 3 GINORMOUS holes in my tights. my first reaction is WTF? have i been walking around all day like this??? then i have this really intense inner struggle that has to do with whether i should take the atrocious tights off or leave them on. in the end i choose the lesser of two evils; i took them off.

so now i look like a slut at the office because i'm wearing shorts and boots with no tights. and it's a monday too. and people probably noticed that i changed.
but i don't know. it's probably better than walking around with holey tights. i mean, people might think i'm trying to make some kind of immature fashion statement or something.

ugh. bad. bad. day.


the atlantic was born today, and i'll tell you how: the clouds above opened up and let it out.

starting to think that maybe i lack the gene one needs in order to settle down. i'm obviously off my rocker. saying my life is weird would be an understatement. i would like to say that i need more self control, but strangely i dont regret what i've done. and not only that, my brain is also fucked. may, why do you fall in love with everybody you see?

but it's so important to love, don't you know?