believing in love

i once met a girl with a
cinnamon dress and a frown.
i thought here is
another one of those who
don't believe in love.

so i went up to her and said
i'm here to
brighten up your day.
don't you
believe in love?

and she said yes
i do i do.
i believe in roses and
wedding rings and
soft worn leather
I believe in sweet nothings
and forever and ever.

i believe in flowers and
butterflies and
meant to be-
i believe in "so long live this
and this gives life to thee".

and that is why,
that is why i am always
so sad
so lonely and
so disappointed.
because i believe in love too much,
too much.

i looked at her and
for a moment i had
nothing to say.
because in her cinnamon tear
i saw
my face.

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