So into you-
so swept by
your burning intelligence,
with a speed that calls into question
the legitimacy of any

I doubt this
and unapologetically, I doubt you,
You in all your
dazzling charm
and the subliminal passion you inspire
in me, when you speak to me as if I
could be someone.

I want for myself only
not what I had before.
I want for myself only
something a little better,
and you are too good,
too good to not be bad.

But the evening and the morning comes
and I can’t let go of hanging on
to the reverie
of you
because I’m so into

and I only hope
with bitten bottom lip,
that you will last longer,
prove rarer,
more refreshing,
and real,
than the words we played to win
each other over

on text and echoing in
the halls of the
great museum,
where we first debuted
our game
to the world.

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