i used to live in a psychic city

I'm back in New York City.
Everything seems surreal. The tall buildings, expansive blue sky, endless siren wails and the tap tap tap of strappy sandals on fashionable girls hitting the streets in perfect synchronization. What can I say? I love this place.
Saw the skyline and I said, New York, I'm home.
I've been pretty busy lately, what with classes, catching up with everybody, and work for Dujour magazine, where I'm interning. Been caught up in a lot of the fashion stuff that I pretend to know about but I actually have never done before.. scrambling with phone calls and emails and stuff. At least i know I'm going to learn a lot.
On the hunt for a paying job today. Hopefully if a bookstore doesn't want me, then a restaurant will. by the way, did I mention I absolutely detest Beowulf? and medieval literature? ugh. gag me.

i have a pack of apple/ grape/ muscat (?) flavoured japanese gummies and I am eating them slowly. thinking about how i've been walking on the left side of the road lately and it took me by surprise. Didn't know that London had really gotten into my skin. Do I miss it? I guess. a little. I miss my friends. But I don't know. New York is a pretty aggressive lover. I don't think it would let me turn my attention to anything else.

I used to live in a heartbeat city,
I swear I'd fall in love every minute on the street.
You might be walking around the corner
and our eyes might meet.

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