and the thing you hold dear

there's this one sunset rubdown song that i've been obsessed with lately: "for the pier ( and dead shimmering)" from "random spirit lover". It's one of those songs that sit in your library for a really long time, but you don't really notice it until one day you randomly put your ipod on shuffle and you say to yourself: my god, this is beautiful.
i've been blogging a lot over at rollinglobe: www.rollinglobe.com/myblog/May because i'm interning there, so this blog has really been neglected. not like i update this blog a lot anyway. but today i was thinking: maybe i should write something. it's a different thing, travel writing and just writing for yourself-- writing for writing's sake, almost. i can talk about anything here and not think : will my boss be inclined to turn this blog post into a feature article? will he? will he? i can even publish a post with a big "fuck you" on it and nothing else, which would be cool, though i don't have much need to do that now.

so, update on my life:

1. been trying to read infinite jest but saying to myself: no, you should do your school reading, then ending up not doing the school reading and facebooking instead of doing something a little more productive maybe like reading infinite jest. but i'm at 200 pages.

feburary 27: wales
february 28-march 4: london
march 5-7 marseilles
march 8-11 london
march 12-14 madrid
march 15- 25 london
march 26-29 stockholm
march 30-31st london
april 1-2 edinburgh
april 3-5 london
april 6-7 athens
april 8-9 santorini
april 10 athens
april 11-28 london
april 29-may 2nd prague
may 3-15 london
may 16-17 new jersey
may 18- july 30 new york
july 31- aug 8 shanghai
aug 9 onwards new jersey/ new york

3. probably taking intro to marketing next semester instead of the suicidal three eng classes and a journalism which i had planned.

4. going to try to get a single in alumni.

5. i don't know. walnut cookies are nice.

i suddenly am too lazy to write. oh hey, song lyrics:

I----I pushed off the pier
Infinity run cold
And filled up my ears
There's the weapon you hold;
There's the thing that you hold it to
And the thing you hold dear.

Oh the speed of a year
It runs the wood dry
And water unclear
There's the thing you hold high;
There's the thing that you hold it to
And the thing you hold dear.

I will be an enemy to men seen in the light!
Do you think it's all right?
Yes I think it's all right!
It's all right!

If you make the waves
The sun makes the rays
The speed of the light
Can be trusted to prey
To prey on the fools
That pushed off your pier
The whirling of pools runs clear


So I'll be out till the shivering dies
I said I'll be out till the shivering dies
It's the reigning of the predatory nature of the sky
And the raining sound it makes when it's burning out your eyes
It's all right. IT IS ALL RIGHT!

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