"so this is the new year"- according to death cab for cutie

i'm updating this blog at 9:27 pm on new year's day. so i suppose it's still not too late to do a new year's blog post.
let me see.. should i begin this post with the usual new year's resolutions? but the funny ( or should i say tragic) thing is no one really wants to read about anyone else's new years resolutions, because they're a) boring, and b) always consist of the same few annually recurring wishful sentiments, such as:

1. lose weight ( always)
2. cut back/save money/earn more money ( all the same thing, obviously)
3. quit smoking/drinking/drugs/other nasty habits that no one wants to know about
4. find a boyfriend/find a girlfriend/ find a transfriend/ find an illegit lover/ get married/ get engaged... basically hoping for romance and lots of sex
5. spend more time with your family/lover
6. spend more time on intellectually stimulating activities...like reading nietzche, watching cnn, you know the kind of thing that's supposed to salvage your brain from the dumpster

so really- there you have it. you don't need me to write out my resolutions.. they inadvertently will fall into the above categories and fit quite nicely into that list template. so let's skip the resolutons part. moving on to my not so interesting life.

i suppose the new year did bring about some new beginnings. actually i wouldn't say the new year brought about these new beginnings exactly; to phrase it better ( and more accurately) would be to say that the new year coincided with some of my personal new beginnings. the most significant of which would be the acquisition of a new house into the family. that sounds like my mother gave birth to a new house, but i can't be bothered to go back and fix my diction and syntax or whatever- the jist of it is she bought a new house. it's in new jersey, hillsborough, and all my days have really been preoccupied with new house duties. specifically, shipping and moving things over, buying furniture, choosing carpets and flooring and other things i didn't know had to be taken care of and had just assumed that they appeared magically in the past. it really isn't that fascinating, but those jobs have to be done, sadly. i would much prefer to sit on my fat ass and watch episodes of "ugly betty" online, but my mum would really have my head off; the tragic thing about that is i'm not exaggerating.

having a new house is kind of exciting in it's own way though, i have to admit. there are so many possibilities; wallpaper-wise ( floral), decorations-wise ( useless ornaments such as wooden sheep from pier one imports and chocolate candles from yankee), house-warming parties wise ( champagne and cocktail dresses, hopefully?), possible hot neighbors-wise ( well, a girl can dream can't she), and really just the idea of having a new refuge, a new haven away from the city where i can escape to on regular weekend getaways. and i never was a suburban girl, but there's something very endearing about suburbia. maybe it's the air quality. maybe it's the shock value of sitting on a bench that isn't dirty with hobo-grease, cigarette ash or bird's droppings. i don't even miss the familiar smell of new york city piss while here in new jersey. i feel much simpler here. much more get up-> eat-> get in car and go somewhere-> come back-> sleep and not care about anything else ish. it's really this sense of boredom that i miss while in the city. get that- missing being bored! so yes, having a new house is exciting. though of course, it isn't really MY house. it's my mum's house. but i still get to decide what colour walls i want!

in terms of other new beginnings... well, if i don't drop out of nyu at the last minute due to some random mishap or if the world doesn't implode before mid-january, i will be starting spring semester courses on the 20th. here's the breakdown:

intro to creative writing- fiction and poetry
conwest- antiquity and the enlightenment
writing the essay ( sadly i couldn't avoid it)
intro to sociology

i decided to put korean on suspension because 4 classes a week was starting to become too hardcore for me. who was i kidding thinking i would start fluently yapping in korean after a semester of this class anyway?i suppose i should have sharpened my grasp of the language more while clubbing in ktown or ordering chapjae or something. unfortunately, whenever a korean-speaking opportunity presented itself, i clammed up, became bashful and resorted to english. but nevermind the korean. i like my new classes for new semester. it's true i haven't taken any of them yet, and i know writing the essay and conwest will definitely not be a blast ( especially since i have been warned), but at least i can dip into a little creative writing and sociology, something useful, something i actually WANT to do. i really have no idea why i spent last semester wasting my time on russian literature and dated victorian english novels. grr, i think those classes will haunt my life forever. these new classes for next semester are a good start. hopefully they will bring with them a better semester overall- not just academically, but also socially and practically. maybe i'll stop being emo and depressed next semester, kick myself in the ass and actually start getting my life together? that would be nice. oh, and here i've thought up a new resolution: i vow to attend more FBA meetings next semester, to spend more time on "i think fashion", and to generally work harder to get my foot into the fashion industry. i have to admit movies like "the devil wears prada" and tv shows like "ugly betty" and "the hills" scare me: are all the successful girls in the fashion industry over-confident, superficial, talentless size-zero bimboes ( not mentioning any specific people *coughlaurenconradcough*)?
i'm confident enough in myself, i suppose, to deal with that if that is the case. i don't know how well i can deal with bitches.. my stint at american apparel was an eye-opener and an experience. the truth is fashion consumes my life, no matter how stupid that sounds. it's something becoming more inherently important to me every day. i'm sartorially enamoured, what can i say? i can't imagine any alternate career option, and since i'm so sure about what i want to do, i might as well start taking the first steps towards doing it. except oh the outside world is so scary. i wish i could just live in my little bubble...

what am i rambling on about? if this was an essay this post would be veering towards failure. i better close this up. well here's a first, at least i wrote a lot today.

and, to awakwardly close this post, some wise words of wisdom from the death cab boys back when they were still "transatlanticism" amazing (hear, hear):

So this is the new year
And I have no resolutions
For self-assigned penance
For problems with easy solutions.

I wish the world was flat like the old days/ Then I could travel just by folding a map/ No more airplanes, or speedtrains, or freeways/ There'd be no distance that can hold us back.

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