i just dont want to get hurt anymore.

what the fuck
what the fuck
and i miss you so much
we were barely together
we werent ever together
you obviously dont care
and i tell myself i dont either
but it's such a fucking lie
and it's not fucking fair
i just wish i wasnt so stupid
i thought we had something
maybe a little bit something
did we
did you ever like me?
even just a little bit
or was that just you being a charmer
being an asshole
like all the other guys
everything you told me
a fucking lie
i hate pretending we're still awesome because we aren't
i hate pretending you havent hurt me because you have
i hate pretending i never liked you because i did
i hate pretending i dont give a shit because i do
i do and you dont
sorry i'm not around anymore
even if i want to be
because i cant reach you
as always
so it makes no fucking difference
we;re not even from the same planet
you're a heartbreaker
i said i love you
and you said me neither
and you still dont care now
because you dont know it's you
you dont know what this is about
because that's how much you dont get it
and it's fucking sad
and i hate myself
and fuck all

but it's ok
it's not your fault for
being not into me.

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